Welcome new members of VCPN Journal club

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Welcome new members of VCPN Journal club
by Joanna Griffith - Sunday, 18 June 2017, 12:55 PM

Welcome to the new members of VCPN Journal club. You should be able to access the first topic by clicking here.

Journal club is open to all Australian and New Zealand veterinarians, veterinary pharmacology industry members, veterinary students, and other interested professionals at the discretion of the convener.

Although guests can access this part of VCPN, you will need a password and should contact the VCPN administrator, Jo on jegriffith99 at gmail.com or the journal club convener Liz elizabeth.shackleton at merck.com for the password.

If you'd like full access to VCPN, currently you must be a member of the Centre for Veterinary Education, or a member or candidate of the pharmacology chapter of the ANZVS. Remember veterinary students get free membership of CVE!

The first topic is on drug residues on eggs. Something many practising vets who see (have to see!) even the odd backyard chicken have to think about.

Discussion can occur either via the official discussion forum on VCPN 

Or in the closed VCPN Facebook group. You will need to request permission to join this group and be verified.

Hopefully discussion will kick off as soon. We are currently just gathering together a few faces! It's great to see some interest already.

(Edited by Liz Shackleton - original submission Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 4:36 PM)